Garage Band U Rock School in Downers Grove, Illinois for Pre-teens, Teens and Adults

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"GBU has given our son a great opportunity to fine tune his skills at electric guitar and performing in front of an audience. As for their director, James, he understands the style of music the kids want to play and encourages them to raise the bar on their music skills. It continually shows, they always get better at what they do."
Thanks James.
— Gary and Angie Kula

"James DiGirolamo was the best bass instructor I ever had. His passion for music and teaching not only shines through during lessons but in the passion he instills in anyone who learns from him. A dedicated student can become a true musician under his tutelage."
— Mike Peach

"Garage Band is a lot fun! I get to practice with a band on every Saturday for an hour and we get to choose what songs we want to play for the audience at the concert, which is really cool! Garage Band also helps me build confidence in myself when I play lead!"
— Logan

"Garage Band University has been a wonderful opportunity for my son to play rock music in a band setting with other kids and their instruments. He has been able to experience playing for an audience, which is exciting as well! It's a fun addition to his instructional private lessons."
— Logan's Mom

"Educational and fun for aspiring musicians of all ages. James is very professional and a great teacher. Highly recommend."
— Patrick

"My daughter has participated in 4 sessions (at 9 and 10 years old). She never gets tired of doing it and it has made her such a better musician. What a unique and valuable experience for her to have. Of all her activities, this is by far the most beneficial for her personal development. James is great and amazingly patient with the kids. I love going to the concerts which are put on in such a professional manner. It is great to watch all the bands shine!"
— Jill

"This is my 2nd semester with Garage Band U and I have enjoyed working with the other musicians. I have learned a lot about being in a band, from learning new songs to working with a band, timing and singing. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn more about music."
— David

"We're in our fourth session of Garage Band U and it has been a great experience for my son. Working to perfect a song for the next week's session has provided a new incentive to guitar practice. It's great to see what the kids can accomplish by the final performance.
— Paul

"What a great time we always have in the Adult Classes at GBU. James is not only a good guy, but always willing to give creative input and support with respect to all. I have done several classes and enjoy it more each time. I have made several friends along the way and improved in my range of musical knowledge. Thanks.
— Bob

"Garage Band U is a great opportunity for inexperienced and experienced musicians to be able to play in a band situation. My daughter has been involved for about a year and the change in her confidence as a singer is immeasurable. Whether the musician is experienced or not and no matter what their age, there is a band for them to be a part of and at the end of each session there is a performance that for most people will be their first exposure to what it is like to be in a band on stage performing for many people.
— Scott